Sedlmeyer Consulting LLC did a superb job on several projects for our company. The first was a contract analysis of an operation making recommendations in which the contract was awarded. The second was a technical proposal for a South America project. While we did not win the project, we received a “Low Risk, High Probability for Success” rating on the technical proposal he wrote. 

I’ll use Sedlmeyer again.

BDE, Great Lakes

Dr. Leo R. Sedlmeyer is an experienced executive and educator with over 25 years in airports firefighting, first responders, US Air Force, and college levels educator. It was a pleasure studying with Dr. Sedlmeyer during our Doctoral studies at Walden University. Dr. Sedlmeyer contributed to our consulting company Sigma Consulting Group LLC with innovative ideas and new business opportunities. I highly recommend Dr. Leo for top level executive positions and college education.

Dr. John Palmer,  Managing Partner

Sigma Consulting Group LLC

     “Sedlmeyer Consulting is one of the most knowledgable and dedicated providers of service to members of the ARFF community. We have consulted this company on various topics and have utilized them in several surrogate roles such as Trade Show Representation for Rosenbauer America. Their dedication to the ARFF community is unmatched and organizational skill are second to none. 

If there is a person or company looking for a top flight consulting service I would highly recommend Sedlmeyer Consulting LLC.” March 11, 2009.

Marty Huffman, Western Regional Sales Manager, Rosenbauer America

I have worked with Dr. Sedlmeyer for many years on many complex projects. Dr. Sedlmeyer is very competent and well versed in finding solutions for any problems that arise. I find his approach to business to be straight forward, fair and effective to getting projects complete on time and on budget.

Patrick Baldwin,  President

Advanced Building Construction

Leo is a true professional and great communicator. We always had a solid relationship with the airport because of Leo's leadership.

Kevin Sell, Director of Operatons

Core Crew and CVO Airport

I have worked with Leo in the past and found him to be very responsible, personable and a hard worker. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Michael Blue, MD 

Senior Medical Director

Navidea Biopharmacudicals

Leo's demonstrates the highest level or professionalism in every task he undertakes. This high degree of dedication is reflected by the accomplishments and certifications in his field. Leo's personality provides a working relationship that is very sincere and a fun individual to work with and for. I have the highest respect for Leo and proud of all the achievements. Leo always gives the highest effort in any endeavor he undertakes.
I am very proud to call him a friend and colleague.

Edward Lawson, Sr VP at NWEI

     Leo was Great to work with his ideas where new & refreshing, thinking outside the box. They were easily implemented and helped our business tremendously.  

The next time we need help, we know where to go.


Michael Wiswell

Owner  G.L.M.P.C.

Verona, WI

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