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 Providing innovative solutions to complex business problems.

"We are the bus driver, tell us where you want to go and we will take you there"


Our history

Sedlmeyer Consulting LLC was established in 2004 and is owned and operated by a Disabled American Veteran, Dr. Leo R. Sedlmeyer. He is experienced in areas of the business world from private sector, corporate, state, federal and municipal. The focus of this company is the needs of business owners and public safety organizations. Sedlmeyer Consulting LLC provides a variety of services tailored to the specific needs of each client. 


Dr. Leo R. Sedlmeyer


    Dr. Leo R. Sedlmeyer is a consultant specializing in Business and Public Safety Leadership. He earned his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) specializing in Leadership, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Financial Leadership, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Safety Management and an Associates Degree (AAS) in Applied Fire Science. Dr. Sedlmeyer’s experience involves solving complex business, public safety/technical problems, client representation at national/regional trade shows, service evaluations/operational studies of business/public safety operations and training programs. Dr. Sedlmeyer served in a multitude of management/leadership position that include CEO/President, Fire Chief, Public Safety Manager, District Manager, Director, Supervisor, Manager, Business Professor, and Training Officer. business and management consultant

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